"Readers will not forget this Nazi SS officer and Bavarian priest who encounter each other across the divide between good and evil at the end of World War II. A truly powerful story."
- Robert Gover, Novelist

The Priest and the Nazi, a novel by John LeConte.

For anyone who has an interest in the Nazi's perpetration of the Holocaust and what type of person could carry out such evil, this story is for you.

For anyone who has an interest in the Catholic Church and the its history since its inception and how that inception came to influence events during World War II, this story is for you.

For anyone interested in the church's assistance in the escape of Nazi fugitives after the end of the war, this story is for you.

For anyone interested in intrigue, the meaning an use of the Catholic version of the Christian faith, the cultural shackles people are bound by, this story is for you.

All of these things are an integral part of this story. It is a story of good and evil in man and how the institutions they come to serve use human frailties in their quest for influence. The western world is still influenced, not just by the events of World War II, but by events that took place two thousand years ago: the Roman Empire, the Holy Roman Empire, the Catholic Church and European history.

Thousands of books, movies and television events have been created and exhibited due to the endless fascination with all these events. Undoubtedly there will be thousands more.

The Priest and the Nazi is one more. But like all the stories, both fiction and non-fiction, it is a story about human behavior. Why do human beings do the things they do? We are not born evil or good; we are merely born as human beings. Are we born with a certain soul? Maybe. But events, culture, history and what happens to each of us all goes into our development and then our story is told as to what we do, what impact we have on the lives of others and the world at large.

These two characters take us on a journey into the very heart of good and evil and how they deal with human weakness, strength, temptation and failure. What truth do they discover about themselves will make you think about your own place in the simple, yet complicated equation that is man.

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